We value our partnerships here at Sky High Farm Workwear and are beyond thrilled to
announce our most recent collaboration with Denim Tears. Founded by our good
friend Tremaine Emory, Denim Tears was a natural coming together as we developed
this collection. Throughout the collection, The Denim Tears mission statement stands
bright and intact - a dedication to the celebration of the African Diaspora, this time
through a cornucopia of what Emory dubs Black Foods. Inspired by foods Emory
grew up eating in Jamaica, Queens, New York, the collection features images of okra,
collard greens, black eyed peas and watermelon seed packets.

Designed with both our brands missions in mind and the belief that fashion can and
should be an agent of storytelling and change, this collection showcases the appetite
and power of younger audiences.

Photographer: @graincinema
Art Director: @obscure_desires_about_nothing
Stylists: @hanna yohannz
Models: @tallblackandbeautiful @angelnumber8
Location: @comptoncommunitygarden
Denim Jacket Artist: @oz1kms